Gmail guide - Gmail login guide

To log into gmail first thing you must have is an email address and password of gmail, if you do not have a Gmail account to create a free Gmail account you have to follow these steps:

You must place your full name, then your username should be and check that the address is available, then you must put your password and confirm back. You must put your birth date, your gender, your mobile phone, current mailing address, and chapcha, and finally the location, then you have to accept the terms of service and privacy policies of google plus you have the option of google you can use your account information +1 to customize advertisements and content area websites not belonging to google, well finally you have to select in the next step and you will have your gmail account. To log you have to place your email address eletronico and password, plus you have the option of not closing session, to be always online, and the possibility that you do not remember your passwords back to back, at the option Can not access your account?.
With your google account you share information, use all Google products, you also have access to all your content gmail, photos from any device, and be able to upload videos to YouTube, plus personality in google docs documents with your google account you will have all services to connect with social networks like Google +.

Today, many users of other email platforms such as Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail also decided to create email account in Gmail, the Google messaging service, either because they seem more useful your applications or simply because they want to bet on email service with more storage capacity or the ability to send messages with as much information as attachments via text, image or video.

Whatever the case, create a Gmail email account is a simple task but requires follow exactly the initial steps, which does not differ from any email account from another provider.

 To create a Gmail email account, first the user needs to enter the homepage of Google email,

 After opening the application, it prompted to fill some required fields, your personal data and information necessary for the creation of the new Gmail email account.

 Once the required fields are completed, the new user only has to click on which details go to my account. And that’s it, the user is now able to explore their newly created box, know their different functions and benefits that can be accessed through its Gmail email account. Likewise, you can customize your style your email box, change the color scheme, choose a theme to decorate the background, change their display name (different from your user name), add new contacts and tools to enable use Google Talk.

 The new Gmail user has free access to the unique features of e-mail service’s most powerful moment.

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New Gmail Login Page

Google has just rolled out a new design for Gmail login page on the Web.

Now the main login pane is located right at the center of the page unlike the previous pane that appeared on the right side. The first thing you’ll observe is the fresh look it’s been given, very reminiscent of the Gmail mobile app.

Google highlights the “One account. All of Google” message, placing it right at the top of the page and displays other services icons including Search, Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, Maps, Play Store and Google+ at the bottom. Perhaps Google wants more users to know that a number of services they use are offered by Google, and they just need one Google account to access all of them.

The login prompt box is also bigger than the old version and stands out. It also displays the blank account photo if it is the first time you login to Gmail, but it will display your account photo and just asks for your password, in case you’re logging-in after a long time.

New Gmail Login Page

Beside that, it now saves all the login history, letting the users simply enter the password to access a specific Gmail account. So if you login and log out for some accounts, you’ll now see this when you attempt to login again.

Relogin to Gmail

Confirming the new updates, A Google spokesperson responded with the following statement, “In response to feedback from our users, we’ve simplified the sign-in process, and the screen has slowly been rolling out over the past few months.”

This isn’t the only updates rolled out by Google. Google also tested a new “Sign in to Chrome” prompt that shows up when Chrome-users sign into their email account.